Gear Rentals & Repairs


Seven Seas is your source for quality diving equipment rentals and repairs. We are proud to offer a variety of quality, name brand scuba diving equipment to meet your needs at prices that cannot be beat! Below are some of our ongoing specials on rental fees and repair fees. You will also find a sample of the forms that are required to be turned in when renting or getting repairs done.
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Gear Rentals

Gear Price Duration
Regulator & BC $35.00 Per Day
Regulator Only $20.00 Per Day
B.C. $20.00 Per Day
Wetsuit $18.50 Per Day
Octopus/ Gauges $7.00 Per Day
Tanks $9.00 Per Day
Nitrox Tanks $16.00 Per Day
Dive Computer $25.00 Per Day

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Gear Repairs

Gear Price
1st Stage

2nd Stage

$27.50 + Parts
(additional cleaning fees may apply)

$22.50 + Parts

(additional cleaning fees may apply)



$22.50 + Parts

$22.50 + Parts

Gauges $6.00 + Parts
Air Fill

Nitrox Fill









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