The fees for scuba certification include the cost of the class; the NAUI book package; and the basic gear required for the class- this includes a properly fitted mask, snorkel, open heeled scuba fins, wetsuit boots, and a weight belt with weights (generally 5-10% of your body weight). Upon completion of the course students have 6 months in which to complete open water training with an instructor. Open water training consists of a minimum of four dives. No more than three scuba dives may be made on a single day during the course. All open water training must take place during daylight hours and 60 feet is the maximum depth for any open water training during the course.


Seven Seas offers three options for basic gear for students needing to purchase their equipment. Our Basic, Deluxe and Extreme gear packages include the items required for the class; offer students both a discounted price on the class as well as a student discount on included merchandise; and gives students the flexibility of being able to try out various pieces of equipment until a proper fit is achieved. Contact the store for prices and additional details.


Seven Seas offers two options for open water training. Open water training may be done on any of our trips to either Panama City, FL or Vortex/Morrison Springs in Florida. They may be done at additional cost on any of our offered dive vacations in the Florida Keys; Crystal River, Florida; the Caribbean or the Pacific. Seven Seas will normally offer training dive opportunities monthly. Students wishing to make their own open water training arrangements may purchase a Universal Referral. The Universal Referral is paperwork which allows another instructor to do your four training dives. You then return your paperwork to Seven Seas at which time we order your certification card.